Nursing home in Lodz is an establishment that focuses on providing attention and care over aged people for twenty-four hours a day.

about us

We have decided to combine our long-term experience in co-operation with different private nursing homes, retirement communities and welfare houses with our observations and expectations regarding them, in order to open a completely new care center. Our home guarantees its pensioners the attention and living conditions of the highest standard, together with providing their families with the feeling of trust and reliability.

Care center “Nasz Dom” is an intimate nursing establishment which meets all the requirements that are essential for providing a kind and safe stay for people that are advanced in age, chronically ill or disabled.

Scale of our activity allows us to take into account individual conditions of each of our pensioners, in accordance to their preferences, expectations and their health conditions.

Our staff is both experienced and excellently qualified, providing care on the professional level. Through their commitment we may assure that our pensioners are feeling safe and are treated with dignity.

Our establishment offers places for persons who:

  • suffer from the diseases of old age,
  • require the around the clock care,
  • await for spots in welfare houses.

 "Nasz Dom" has modern equipment, is free of any architectural barriers (we have an elevator adjusted for the transportation of disabled patients) and is holistically prepared for the needs of persons who require permanent care.

When it comes to living conditions, sanitary conditions, medical conditions and fire regulations, we meet the highest requirements stated by the law. In fact, we are one of the few establishments in the Lodz district that operates in accordance with:

  • sanitary opinion given by the State Sanitary Inspector of Lodz given on the 20th of November 2013, stating that the establishment meets the regulations presented in the Act on Social Assistance, enacted on the 12th of March 2004,
  • the decision of the State Sanitary Inspector of Lodz given on the 3rd of January 2014, approving the establishment’s ability to provide catering for its pensioners,
  • the decision of Lodz’s Voivode no. PS-III.9423.13.2013 given on the 15th of January 2014, granting the permission to direct the business activity in the field of running an establishment that provides care for people who are disabled, are of old age or are chronically ill, for an undisclosed period of time.

More detailed information according the conditions of stay in the center may be acquired under the numbers which are listed below, or during a visit in our premises – all caretakers are always warmly welcomed to visit us at “Nasz Dom”. 


Centrum Opieki
ul. Cmentarna 10a, Łódź
Tel. +48 509 687 303
Tel. +48 607 734 767