Nursing home in Lodz is an establishment that focuses on providing attention and care over aged people for twenty-four hours a day.


Private care center “Nasz Dom” provides a professional, around the clock nursing care inside the establishment, thus giving the pensioners the best conditions during they stay, including the high standards of medical care, safety conditions, dignified treatment and nutritional meals.

During the stay we provide:

  • twenty-four hours a day, expert care,
  • essential medical care (general practitioner, psychiatrist),
  • wholesome and nutritious meals (it is possible to cater for certain dietary requirements),
  • thorough personal hygiene,
  • rehabilitating activities,
  • occupational therapy,
  • laundering of personal clothing,
  • unlimited visits from friends or family.

Our establishment offers places for persons who:

  • suffer from the diseases of old age,
  • require the around the clock care,
  • await for spots in welfare houses.

Apart from the long-term stay, we offer short-term services for patients who are recovering from hospital stays or are unable to function independently in household conditions. All our patients that decide on spending a short period of time in our establishment are provided with full care and attention, just as the long-term pensioners.

Moreover, we offer day care services for patients who demand permanent care and, for various reasons, are unable to receive it from their guardians. Within this service we provide our pensioners with a full-time protection of expert personnel, full board, occupational therapy and thorough personal hygiene.

For our pensioners, we have prepared neatly decorated and tidy rooms for one, two or three persons.

Besides the private rooms, we have a functional dining room and a spacious common room where patients may chat, listen to some music, receive their visitors or watch the TV. This are allows our pensioners to spend time in a comfortable and intimate place – either with their loved ones or when they want to rest.

Caring about the pensioner’s hygiene, health and comfort, we have equipped our center in kitchen facilities that fulfill the requirements in terms of food safety, and in bathrooms that are adjusted to the special needs of people with disabilities.

We are working together with an outside provider of catering, who operates in accordance with all of the legal regulations concerning catering.

We are also capable of organizing medical transport – both in Lodz and outside the city.