Nursing home in Lodz is an establishment that focuses on providing attention and care over aged people for twenty-four hours a day.

additional information

Upon admitting patients to our facility, their guardians should provide them with a set of clothes (underwear, nightclothes, winter and summer outfits), towels (two at least), pair of slippers and personal care products (toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving kit, soap, shampoo).

Admitting patients must happen in the presence of a guardian or a family member.

Upon admitting a pensioner documents mentioned below must be presented:

  • IDs (both pensioner’s and guardian’s)
  • list of medicines being taken along with the description of dosages
  • medical certificate on the medical state of a pensioner
  • additional information about a pensioner (habits, individual requirements).

In case of any other questions, you are most welcome to contact us or to visit our care center.